《Supporting for Woohyun》

It's time for us to do something for Woohyun

Please share this post to make more people know the activity

Hope you can join in the activity

"It is not a HAPPY ENDING,but a NEVER ENDING." _Woohyun


(1)    Video for Woohyun

1. Record the video at 3-5 seconds

2. Send this to bettyinft0609@gmail.com

(EX:우현오빠 화이팅 사랑해)

*** Deadline: 8/4 21:00 ***


(2)    8/6 14:00 (KST) share the video,

tag @wowwh and tag #우현오빠_영원히_지켜볼께요 on Twitter

(The video will be uploaded on 8/5 on twitter)


(3)    8/6 listen <Stand by me> on MELON

(Tell him we will always support him.)


Thank you partake in the activity


If you have any question, please send a message to us

Twitter: https://twitter.com/wh_secretmemory

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/inft.secretmemory/



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